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Discover an approach unlike any architecture firm in Puerto Rico.

Impressive design has always been a staple in the DDD toolkit. Strategic, timeless and efficient architectural design is part of our unified, data-driven process of project delivery. We listen carefully to each client’s needs and develop concepts that resonate with their financial framework, while fulfilling their aesthetic goals. Combining research and creativity, we develop and clearly communicate strategic ideas and conceptual alternatives that culminate in buildable and sustainable environments. As our reputation indicates, all our architectural design projects are within budget, functionally sound, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective to operate and maintain. Contact us today to put our design muscle to the test.

Award-Winning Design

Creating projects where form and function collide.


Tools and resources for the highest-grade building and maintenance.


Maximize resources by leveraging diverse and relevant technology tools.


Providing clarity to the client, our team and all shareholders.


High-performance architecture to transform any space.


All parties working together on unified decisions that support your goals.


High-quality design that exceeds the needs of its occupants.


Design and strategic planning for structures that grow with your brand.

We’re not your typical architects

Architects are more than just a designer-they are your advocate from start-to-finish, helping with permits, project coordination, advice, and guidance as you bring your mental concepts into tangible reality. A good architect will see potential hurdles in your project you may not have predicted and find easy solutions you may not have realized existed. Therefore, just as you would carefully consider the selection of a reliable vehicle, you want to be selective in your choice of an architect who will navigate you through the course of your project and save you valuable time and money.

Deep Architectural Expertise

Our architectural team can work with the client before and throughout the development to validate their vision and work efficiently to make it a reality, supported by extensive on-the-field experience in construction and long-term maintenance. Years of design-build experience have molded a unique culture at DDD. Our approach to design services gives clients the added value of an integrated practice with an in-depth understanding of the cost, schedule and life cycle implications of their design recommendations. Design and construction teams work hand in hand under one roof, with owners, consultants, subs, and suppliers to develop multi-dimensional solutions to everyday needs.

Discover Resilient Design

At DDD we are proud advocates for sustainable, intelligent design that honors the environment and provides low impact. As award-winning leaders in Energy Conservation, we pride ourselves in providing clients with feasible, yet sustainable solutions that serve their needs, while observing the best and most relevant trends in conservation. DDD is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) with LEED accredited professionals, and experienced personnel to help you explore opportunities to BUILD GREEN.

DDD groups designs with constructibility in mind

Our architectural team can work with the client before and throughout the development to validate your vision and work efficiently to make it a reality. The comprehensive design process is supported by extensive on-the-field experience in construction and long-term maintenance. DDD’s approach to design services gives clients the added value of an integrated practice with an in-depth understanding of the cost, schedule and life cycle implications of our design recommendations.

  • Materials Selection
  • Safety and Physical Security
  • Modularity and Scalability
  • Code Implementation
  • Integrated Workflows

Solutions for any market

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Lives of patients can be impacted greatly by the layout and architecture of a health center, clinic, or hospital. DDD Group designs with the right balance of providing our clients with the highest efficiency of services while creating an architectural landscape that makes the buildings functional, powerful, and providing a space for peaceful and healthy patient treatment.

Commercial and Retail

A key feature that will stand out from one retail or commercial space to the next, is the experience it can provide for its customers. DDD Group’s architectural foresight can make innovative use of any space. Restaurant owners in Puerto Rico will appreciate the masterful attention to detail throughout our design process and retailers will experience their store’s transformation into an inviting shopping venture by our designer’s creative approach.


The variety of factors impacting an industrial architectural design is one of DDD Group’s sought-after proposals. We understand the contribution these businesses have to the community and we design with the purpose of fomenting productivity, functionality, and sustainability. Our team of experts brings your needs to the modern age to assure integration of all the necessities of an industrial building with sophisticated and practical design aesthetics.


People and their activities are inherent to architecture. At DDD Group we understand the social responsibility that design has on a school to engage students, a religious building to inspire its attendants, and an athletic facility to energize its visitors. It is during conception that a project finds purpose and our team will do just that.


Architecture creates the physical environment in which people live, and DDD Group values our contribution to society by designing with the occupants in mind. Our use of state-of-the-art technology allows us to create unique and complex shapes that transform and space into an inviting and lasting home, while upholding values of sustainability and high quality.

State and Federal Clients

At DDD Group we have repeatedly been singled out as a preferred partner with state and federal clients. Understanding their design perspective and work ethic allows us to provide the necessary expertise to any of their projects. Our innovative approach allows for well-thought-out ventures that have consistent success.

Multi-Dimensional Modeling

DDD takes full advantage of the collaborative nature that our robust Building Information Modeling (BIM) infrastructure offers, to produce not only high quality sets of documents, but also to deliver exceptionally built environments. With the use of this technology, we are able to analyze our projects in multiple dimensions, as well as foresee and eliminate potential construction issues. Using BIM technology, we not only generate 3D virtual representations of a building, but are also capable of performing Building Energy Models (BEM) that take into account the energy consumption implications of our decisions. 5D Modeling capabilities enable our design and construction teams to make informed decisions. Taking into account not only the three dimensional spatial implications of design, our teams are also able to understand the time and cost implications that may ultimately make or break any project.

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