From Concept to Completion: Explore our Design-Build Capabilities

Design-build brings design and construction together under various configurations, in order to overcome traditional obstacles involving time, construction costs, and flexibility to innovate. Backed by over two decades of experience in and out of Puerto Rico, you can trust DDD to become fully engaged in project coordination, constructability, and delivery under budget, providing an unparalleled experience. With a superior standard of care, DDD can provide the success that clients look for: a project schedule with an improved delivery time and cost savings.

Award-Winning Design

Creating projects where form and function collide efficientlyly.

High-Quality Work

Tools and resources for the highest-grade building and maintenance.


Maximize resources by leveraging diverse and relevant technology tools.


Providing clarity to the client, our team and all shareholders.

Maximum Efficiency

One unified point of contact for fewer changes and faster, more focused work.


All parties working together on unified decisions that support your goals.


Access to information for all relevant parties to make strategic and informed decisions.


Ensuring high-quality work and maximum accountability.

Benefits of Design-Build in Puerto Rico

There are countless benefits when engaging an experienced Design-Build firm in Puerto Rico for any type of project. Leveraging the expertise in construction, architecture, and management that DDD Group offers yields a myriad of benefits for the client, owner, and other key shareholders:


  • There is one source of responsibility for any design or construction project
  • Integrated Decision Process
  • Lean Approach
  • Solutions engineered and “Guaranteed” to fit your budget
  • No Change Orders
  • Savings as a result of the “fast-track” nature of the process
  • Sustainable Solutions that decrease Life Cycle Costs
  • Leaner Process

Deep Architectural Expertise

Our architectural team can work with the client before and throughout the development to validate their vision and work efficiently to make it a reality, supported by extensive on-the-field experience in construction and long-term maintenance. Years of design-build experience have molded a unique culture at DDD. Our approach to design services gives clients the added value of an integrated practice with an in-depth understanding of the cost, schedule and life cycle implications of their design recommendations. Design and construction teams work hand in hand under one roof, with owners, consultants, subs, and suppliers to develop multi-dimensional solutions to everyday needs.

More Efficient Construction Projects

Design-Build services assign the sole responsibility of design and construction activities to one entity. Our clients can rest assured as we reduce the project-based risk and concentrate on the project criteria, while efficiently overseeing the delivery. During this stage, if the owner wishes, our team helps the owner to assess and create clear and concise project design criteria. Unlike traditional project delivery, which divides design and construction into two separate functions, the design/build delivery method places the design and building responsibilities under a single entity. This improved project delivery is achieved by re-organizing project phases and design decisions upstream in the project cycle for more effective results.

On-Time and On-Budget with our High-Tech Cost Modeling

“We create realistic, informed, and precise estimates from the start.” With access to years of construction data, our estimating department can develop conceptual estimates from very early in the process. The end result is that the best decisions can be made to benefit the project over its lifetime. DDD project teams have a unique ability to maximize the value and quality of your building to their highest values during the earliest stages of planning and design. With the use of Building Information Modeling, we are able to understand the cost implications of every design decision. Experience has taught us that being able to model in five dimensions (time and cost being the fourth and fifth), is crucial to adding value during the preconstruction process and to your building’s lifecycle.

Solutions for any market

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Being attuned with the growing needs of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries in Puerto Rico, DDD Group’s design-build method guarantees a seamless execution of a client’s structural outlook. We see it, we plan it and we build it so that our customers have a top-quality facility that is inviting to the workforce and patients alike.

Commercial and Retail

DDD Group’s design-build approach keeps commercial and retail clients on schedule, on budget, and upholds the elevated quality of their brand. Restaurants, stores, and corporate businesses in Puerto Rico and beyond can focus on their business, trusting our project care and delivery.


Our firm’s design-build-maintain approach allows for industrial owners to focus on their organization’s performance and centralizes the concept, cost, and delivery needs through one experienced entity. Our integrated team is geared toward the efficiency and innovation of your project goals, giving you the security of uninterrupted business continuity.


With DDD Group, you steer away from the chaos and stress of traditional methods and have a trusted adviser thought the construction, guiding the way to the best possible outcome. Design-Build is a refined process that unites construction conscious architects with qualified and reliable contractors who focus on results, not excuses.


DDD Group is a transparent design-builder that understands the architectural and construction process in a project, knowing what is going on at all times. Because of our collaborative approach, owners can guarantee that their goals will be accomplished and their wishes will be achieved with the greatest finesse. With this type of involvement, owners achieve a lasting sense of pride in their building.

State and Federal Clients

With wide-ranging expertise in the fields of design and construction, DDD Group is the top choice for the high standards of execution for state and federal projects. Our clear knowledge of the expenses and the magnitude of these projects, along with deadlines and quality standards, provides us with the fundamentals for getting these structures completed with the highest efficiency.

Keys to Success in any Construction Project in Puerto Rico

With a higher-than-average standard of care, DDD can provide the success that clients look for. A project schedule with an improved delivery time and cost savings. This improved project delivery is achieved by re-organizing project phases and design decisions upstream in the project cycle, where they can produce more effective results. Differing from the traditional approach of design-bid-build, this shift results in upstreaming certain services that were typically carried out once construction drawings were completed, to when conceptualization and schematic drawings are occurring. By achieving this, certain early phases of design carry a heavier workload but minimize risk on later services of the project life cycle.

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