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Sustainable Building
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Like many clients who choose DDD, the way you look at the process of design, constructing, maintaining, and operating buildings is evolving. You want tools that address the entire lifecycle of your building and meet your sustainability goals. DDD offers you the expertise to incorporate LEED®, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, practices throughout preconstruction and construction processes. LEED encourages sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. For more information visit U.S. Green Building Council. The DDD team includes LEED Accredited Professionals who promote the use of environmentally responsible and healthy “green” building materials and practices, ranging from indoor air quality to recycling construction waste.


Building Information Modeling (BIM)

DDD is deeply committed to taking full advantage of the collaborative nature of our robust BIM infrastructure. This allows us to produce not only high-quality sets of documents but also to deliver exceptionally built environments.  Under any delivery and/or service combination, models are created and shared by all members of the project team. From the earliest stages of project delivery, BIM is used for visualization, quantity take-offs, shade & shadow analysis, clash detection, constructability reviews, construction phasing, material data and many others. At completion, clients benefit from the Value Added by a final as-built model which can be exported to any facility management software.


“At DDD, more than a catchphrase, BIM is part of how we build.”


As project teams work together from the earliest stages of a project’s development, the information shared and co-developed on our BIM SERVER helps to avoid errors and omissions. Problems of this type typically surface late in the project when correction is costly. Building Information Modeling helps minimize these kinds of risks and their associated costs, benefiting all parties involved in the process.

Collaboration Technologies

“Information is Power.”


Our technology tools are designed and implemented to help all shareholders share the responsibility to deposit knowledge, not just in the memory of individuals, but in a common knowledgebase. One of DDD’s strongest examples of its commitment to Collaboration and Integrated Project Delivery, is the investment made over the years to develop a customized communications infrastructure.  All documents generated and received by each project are stored on our Document Center, which is part of our Collaboration Portal. Strict quality procedures and standards keep project documentation organized and updated. All projects have their own Portal Site with a standardized scheme, designed to accommodate all possible documents generated and received by each project, guarantying data uniformity and accessibility.


DDD’s high availability collaboration infrastructure, assures continuity of process, instant flow of information and standardized procedures at the central office, the job site or any remote location 24/7. The benefits of improved collaboration flow directly to our clients. With improved collaboration, our firm is able to reduce operational costs, improve productivity, minimize errors and access the right information FAST. Ultimately we add Value and Reduce Costs to improve the bottom-line of all parties involved.

Jobsite Integration

Our Jobsite Integration allows project teams to work together from the earliest stages of a project’s development throughout the project’s completion. We have dedicated portals (for BIM, CONTRACT/PROJECT MANAGEMENT, and DOCUMENTS, respectively) that allow us to share and co-develop information. This helps speed up the decision process while avoiding errors and omissions. Our field staff always has mobile access to redline plans, schedule information, cost and purchasing data and project documents. This way everyone is always in the loop.


“Everyone stays connected and informed on and off the field.”


Within an industry with a historically slow adoption rate for innovation, DDD’s forward-thinking vision provides us with the necessary tools to successfully deliver projects with ever-increasing levels of complexity, at competitive rates. In a price-driven industry like construction, this differentiation has become a strong competitive advantage, which has allowed us to deliver the right product at the right price without compromising quality, safety, or the wellbeing of the parties involved.

Cost Modeling

With access to years of construction data, our estimating department can develop conceptual estimates from very early in the process. The end result is that the best decisions can be made to benefit the project over its lifetime. DDD project teams have a unique ability to maximize the value and quality of your building to their highest values during the earliest stages of planning and design. With the use of Building Information Modeling, we are able to understand the cost implications of every design decision. Experience has taught us that being able to model in five dimensions (time and cost being the fourth and fifth), is crucial to adding value during the preconstruction process and to your building’s lifecycle.


“We create realistic, informed and precise estimates from the start.”


To assist owners and architects in this process, we utilize parametric estimating. As the architect develops alternative conceptual solutions, we provide real-time costs for each scenario, along with an analysis of the cost/time implications of structural and material selections among others.


“From early concept to product completion, our staff works to make our interventions as environmentally conscious as possible.”


Our Building Energy Modeling (BEM) Software provides conceptual energy analysis, tabulating adjustments to the insulating value of the skin, shading devices, building orientation and the selected mechanical systems. Through a better understanding and working knowledge of sustainable practices and renewable alternatives we are able to collaborate with owners, designers and end-users to provide ‘green’ solutions to both sophisticated systems and simple, everyday issues.

Building Energy Modeling

Whole-Building Energy Modeling (BEM) is a versatile, multipurpose tool that is used in new construction and retrofit design, code compliance, green certification, qualification for tax credits and utility incentives, and real-time building control. BEM is also used in large-scale analyses to develop building energy-efficiency codes and inform policy decisions. BEM provides a number of benefits to both new construction and retrofit projects. BEM supports an integrated design process (IDP) and supplies the team with the data needed to make strategic, best-value tradeoffs between upfront project costs and annual building energy costs. The expense of modeling services usually represents a marginal incremental cost to the project, yet can influence significant reductions in annual energy costs. Quantifying performance tradeoffs helps maximize an owner’s return on investment for building efficiency, integrated systems, and renewable energy components.

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