Maintenance and Improvements

Whether we built your project or not, our Maintenance and Improvements services can help protect your investment.

The DDD team is committed to adding proven value to all our clients at every stage of their project’s life. That’s why we offer comprehensive maintenance and improvement services to structures of all sizes after completion. Our services can help you reap substantial benefits from your property investment while providing all shareholders peace of mind. Our commitment to our clients does not end with project closeout.


Whether we built your project or not, we can assist with renovations and small construction to maintain the excellent condition of your structure, extend its life and add value for your occupants.

Maintenance and Repairs

Since the costs of managing a facility are ongoing and normally exceed the initial costs of construction, owners know that it is a financial priority to focus on the management aspect of their physical property assets. Building owners everywhere have realized that a well-managed physical facility can help improve the bottom line, by bringing the following benefits:

  • 20 – 30% reduction in operating costs over the life span of the building
  • Considerable improvement in square foot profitability


Drawing from the extensive experience in the design and construction industry, DDD is in an ideal position to provide Operations and Maintenance Services in ways that can help improve the logistical and financial aspects of your business.

Small Construction

There are no small projects for us. We know how difficult and time consuming a project of any size can be. Design considerations, logistics coordination, as-built conditions, agency endorsements, state and municipal permit filings, are all tedious and time-consuming tasks. That’s why we provide our clients with the added value of a design-build company that can offer complete small project solutions to help owners with interior finishes, renovations, remodeling, and interior design. Either as designers, contractors or design-builders, we can help.


“There are no small projects for us.”


For small projects, you will get an estimate and pay for time and materials used. Whether you need to replace a single door or hire us to build a 20 million design-build job, you will get our same commitment to quality and service, every time.

Facility Audits

Our main focus is your bottom line. As part of our consulting capabilities, we can help you better understand the performance of your facility to save you money and headaches. From as-builds, to energy audits, we can help document existing conditions and building performance in order to assist building owners in making informed decisions.


Through the use of BIM-X technology and Building Energy Modeling (BEM), we can create virtual models that not only put all of your building’s information at the reach of any handheld device, but also permit us to create “what-if” scenarios to analyze cost-benefit considerations before you change a single light bulb.

  • Energy Consumption Audits
  • As-built Surveys and Documentation
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Building Energy Modeling (BEM)
  • Security system audits
  • Structure analysis and structural maintenance feasibility
  • Costs assessments
  • Systems Inventorying, Repair, Replacement & Maintenance

Focused on Long-Term Success

Too many repairs, maintenance jobs, and site improvements are made without considering the big picture of the facility. Because we build and maintain structures with high values, resilience and sustainability in mind, we are able to leverage our design and construction resources and experience for optimal long-term results. The DDD team carefully examines and understands our client’s needs in order to engineer SOLUTIONS to everyday maintenance challenges, instead of spending thousands on patch-ups and temporary remedies. Our building knowledge and construction experience remain by your side during the life of your project.

Selected Projects

Browse our Portfolio for some of the fascinating work DDD has completed or consulted on over the past 2 decades. From new construction, to rehabilitation projects, 100,000+ sf building to small retail spaces, we’ve done it all.

Our Core Values

DDD works with a clear vision to become an industry leader serving the full life-cycle needs of our built environment; renowned for our integrity, excellence and commitment to improving the quality of life of communities in the US and the Caribbean. Learn more about what drives our team.

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