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DDD is built for the Job.

Welcome to a new generation in design-build firms. The fusion of decades of experience, a talented design team, brilliant minds in engineering and construction and curiosity for cutting edge technology has produced one of the most diverse and competent construction firms in Puerto Rico. The result is DDD, a turnkey design studio, building powerhouse and source for insightful consulting. This award-winning design and construction firm is at the forefront of technology and the building industry in Puerto Rico. From conception to completion and throughout the life of your project, let us demonstrate why DDD is built for the job.

Resilient, Sustainable,
and Built to Last.

Our structures are forward-thinking because resilience is an integral part of what we do. DDD stays on top of the latest trends in design, performs constant research on compliance, and leverages up-to-date trade resources, to create long-lasting, sustainable projects that withstand a number of problems that are typically overlooked in construction. Learning from the lessons of the past and using powerful forecasts, DDD projects are ready for anything.

DDD Group
Considers the Environment

Our LEED Certified experts are fully aware of the environmental impact of construction, and that’s why we work hard to create projects with a small footprint but huge design impact. Our sustainable projects not only portray impressive aesthetics but also adhere to the most important aspects of green building worldwide, making sure that efficiency is met throughout every step of the project. After completion, our maintenance services also observe high standards in environmental conservation for long-lasting impact.

Eye for Design.

Years of design-build experience have heavily influenced the DDD culture, developing an integrative design approach that addresses form and function seamlessly. Through our sister company DDD Architecture, we are able to create mesmerizing projects that grab attention, communicate culture and support corporate identity, while keeping in tune with evolving building and sustainable practices.


At DDD we have taken the guesswork out of construction, applying a data-driven approach to our work from its initial phases, up to the structure maintenance phase. Our strategic tooling allows us to offer transparency, flexibility, adaptiveness, and scalability that can only be achieved with cutting edge technology.

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robust body of work.

Our teams have delivered innovative building solutions, from state-of-the-art sustainable buildings to the latest applications in construction technology, for clients across a variety of high-demand industries. With expertise across a wide variety of markets, we will work with you to build more than buildings.

Design-Build and
General Contracting

We build with purpose and with a long-term vision, offering a distinctive, integrated and design-centric approach for projects and clients across a wide array of industries. Our turnkey services maximize time and resources, while our deep focus on your project and goals constantly dictate and shape our work efficiently.


Timeless. Relevant. Unique. With years of experience in architectural design, we can create (or remodel) projects across any industry and for a variety of uses, making intelligent use of space, incorporating eye-catching elements and presenting the highest taste in design.

Management and

From scheduling to resource management, to comprehensive analysis, DDD has the expertise and insights to drive your project from vision to completion with the highest quality, within budget and in the strictest level of compliance. Our skilled project managers will be your trusted advisors for an unmatched experience.

Maintenance and

Project completion is just the beginning. Experience our facility maintenance services and start reaping substantial benefits from your property investments. DDD’s high level of expertise and committed service brings sustainability to projects and peace of mind to shareholders.

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