Our Approach

Cost-effective, laser-focused and results-driven. We’re a different kind of construction company.

DDD is proud to apply a unique, fully integrated approach to our work, by combining cutting-edge technology, decades of experience and practices that promote true collaboration. We have reinvented the traditional Design-Bid-Build Model in favor of a more forward-thinking approach, where design needs are met and project requirements are exceeded every time.

Our experience allows us to go beyond the traditional scope of design-build firms, while technology helps us anticipate and eliminate problems proactively to ensure the best project experience. 

Our team considers all aspects from earlier stages for a better distribution of work, more efficient planning and minimal errors in the production process. For example, our process integrates the upstreaming of certain services that are typically carried out once construction drawings are completed, and bring them to the table when conceptualization and schematic documents are occurring. By achieving this, certain early phases of design carry a heavier workload but help provide an exceptional experience throughout the life of the project.


DDD adds value through maximizing team efficiency and collaboration from the very early stages of a project. While working under multiple delivery methods like Lump Sum GC, Design-Build or CM, DDD promotes the creation of an integrated team composed of key project stakeholders like the owner, A/E, trade contractors, facility managers and end-users. The synergy created by this methodology enables project integration and adds value to our clients.


DDD’s re-organization is not only in project phases, but is also reflected on our people and resources. With common access to a sophisticated set of tools and technologies, project teams share common visualization, estimating, scheduling and cost control tools that promote the required transparency and collaboration to build a solid foundation on which to base the decision making process.

Full Life Cycle

At DDD we have a 360° approach to services. We offer clients sustainable and cost-effective solutions that cover the full life cycle of your facility. From pre-construction to end of life, our 360° approach leverages the in-house capabilities and experience gained at every stage of the building process. Since the costs of managing a facility normally exceeds the initial costs of construction, owners know that it is a financial priority to focus on the management aspect of their physical property.

A Collaborative Approach

Collaboration is promoted among all shareholders, team members, and our leadership. Fueled by advanced technology, our teams work together to eliminate back and forth across departments and providing visibility to the client throughout the process. As our client, you’ll have peace of mind watching your project come to life with clear, constant communication from your design-build team.

In-House Design and Construction

We self-perform over 60 percent of the work we do. Adequate levels of self-performance allow us to provide the consistent levels of quality that our clients have become accustomed to expect. Our self-performance capabilities range from architectural design, to multiple construction and building maintenance trades including site work, utilities, concrete, plumbing, mechanical and architectural finishes.

Relationships Built To Last.

With an In-house staff of design and construction professionals working under an integrated approach, DDD’s culture is uniquely adapted to Design-Build. However, when the project is completed and occupied, our Maintenence and Operations team works hand in hand with our clients to deliver exceptional maintenance services to protect your investment and guarantee a productive, long-term project.


DDD Group, LLC offers comprehensive services to address client needs at every stage of the life of the project, from conception, to completion and beyond. Our team can advise on architecture, construction, maintenance and insightful consulting.

Selected Projects

Browse our Portfolio for some of the fascinating work DDD has completed or consulted on over the past 2 decades. From new construction, to rehabilitation projects, 100,000+ sf building to small retail spaces, we’ve done it all.

News and Insight

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