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At DDD Group, LLC, we are committed as a general contractor firm to designing, building and maintaining high quality, sustainable and cost-effective projects that help our clients and all their shareholders achieve long-term goals and improve the quality of life of the people and communities we serve together. DDD structures are designed and built in a collaborative team environment using the latest generation technology and innovative management techniques like Design-Build, BIM, and VDC to improve productivity, reduce costs and provide clients with the best possible experience. We are committed to adding value, measurable results and peace of mind to your project.

DDD Approach

Our approach is integrated, data-driven and collaborative. We have a high standard of streamlined operations, to maximize time and resources, to ultimately give our clients the best possible experience. Our strategic processes afford our clients sustainable and cost-effective solutions that cover the full life cycle of each facility.

Integrated Project Delivery

Our 360° approach to services is supported by our custom model of Integrated Project Delivery , which nurtures a culture of continuous improvement and guarantees solutions built to fit your budget. Thanks to our vast experience, our team can take into consideration multiple aspects of the planning and production phases much earlier than typical design-build firms.

Technology and Innovation

A continued commitment to technology and innovation is part of our corporate culture and one of or main differentiators as a general contractor firm. We provide Integrated Building Solutions grounded on Innovative Methods and Technologies that add value and guarantee the long-term success of your investment.

True Collaboration

At DDD we build projects in a collaborative team environment, using innovative tools and technologies designed to improve productivity, reduce costs, and give clients the best project possible. Under our organizational structure, all parts of the whole – clients, company members, and suppliers – are interconnected and able to work together with transparency and synergy towards a project’s success.

Relationships Built to Last.

Our client relationships are simple: we listen to our clients attentively, work hand in hand to develop strategies and project outlines, and then help them measure their goals while managing the complex process of project delivery. An effective and efficient general contractor works with a proven custom model of integrated project delivery that supports a collaborative partnership: at DDD Group, our in-house staff of dedicated professionals and tradesmen constantly achieve such a relation with our clients. Here are just some of the comments we’ve received about our work:

''Exceptional design services...''


Contracting Officer – GSA, PBS


“DDD provided exceptional design services. They are very detail-oriented, meeting, and often, exceeding, CBP and GSA’s design standards and code requirements. DDD was always proactive and worked to anticipate the customer’s and GSA requirements. DDD had an excellent team of consultants who are highly qualified and provided innovative and cost-saving design solutions.


DDD experienced several government-caused delays, but always overcome them and meet all contract milestones. This minimized delay costs on the contract and facilitated maintenance of the overall project schedule.  DDD always approached the schedule in a proactive manner and continued with the creative design solutions to meet project needs in an effective and efficient manner.


DDD’s project management is exceptional. The DDD team is very attentive and involved in the project and the Project Manager is highly qualified and knowledgeable. DDD worked well with both CBP’s Air and Marine and GSA Teams. DDD exceeded expectations and always went the extra mile to get input from the client’s OIT and Security members through face to face over the shoulder reviews, which were not included in their contract. DDD’s project meetings were well run and they traced any issues needing coordination.


It has been a pleasure working with DDD on this project. Our customer and the GSA team had an excellent working relationship with DDD and this attributed to the project success.”

''Excellent communication...''


President – Borinquen Valley SE


“The staff are knowledgeable and have the skills to complete the job in a timely fashion, setting a construction schedule and following it closely, ensuring the project was completed on time, and to specifications with high-quality control. We had excellent communication throughout the project, and when issues would arise they were quick to solicit answers from the architect to make sure the project was constructed the way it was intended. DDD takes pride in the final product, their management appeared to want to build neighborhoods that were good enough for their own, pointing out things that just didn’t look right and making recommendations on how to make it better. I recommend DDD Group as a general contractor, and would certainly hire them again on future projects.”

''Cooperative and instrumental...''


President – Kianvel Developers


“The Project Manager, Superintendent, Foreman, and construction crews were all a joy to work with. They were knowledgeable about the work and displayed efficient skills in getting the project completed in a timely manner. DDD was extremely cooperative and instrumental in making decisions. They presented good records, managed their contractors well and demonstrated site safety on a daily basis. The punch list on the project was resolved quickly, and the people in their main office that handle the submittals and other correspondence were always quick to respond. DDD rated high for their outstanding performance with the owner and the residents within the vicinity of the sites. I personally would recommend them to any other client and most certainly would welcome their service in the future.”

''Very professional and competent..''


Construction Manager, Garage Isla Verde


“DDD Group addressed the client’s needs in a very detailed manner; their team is very professional and competent. Their work is performed with safety and quality.”

''Professionalism, vast knowledge...''


Vice President – Mutual Development Service, Corp


“DDD demonstrated professionalism, vast knowledge of the industry and compliance with all local and federal regulations. Against the tremendous challenges that the island faced due to Hurrican Maria, the team delivered the multi-story Elderly/Handicap housing project successfully on time and within budget. Because of this, we were able to receive our credit allocation and sign our housing assistance payment contract on time. We are grateful when we find a general contractor that can understand the timing issues and standards we adhere to in our industry. We are confident that DDD can deliver a high-quality construction project at a good price. We have no hesitation in using DDD again or in recommending them to others.”


DDD Group, LLC offers comprehensive services to address client needs at every stage of the life of the project, from conception, to completion and beyond. As general contractors, our team can advise on architecture, construction, maintenance and insightful consulting.

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