Guaynabo, Puerto Rico


Integra Design Group

Project Type

New Construction


Commercial/Retail, Housing

Project Size


Construction (GC)

Project Overview

  • Mixed Use that includes office area and dormitory style residential halls with recreational areas.

  • The project includes a spacious office area with direct access to main roads in Guaynabo PR, a large common dining, various exterior plazas, and an exterior swimming pool.

  • Maximum housing capacity of 100 for volunteer workers to help in emergency recovery process and future humanitarian assistance.

When Hurricane Maria struck in 2017, the devastation to Puerto Rico and its people necessitated immediate action. As part of the disaster response efforts, Send Relief established a ministry center to partner with churches and organizations already engaged in the region and to invite volunteers to partake in crisis response. Puerto Rico is rebuilding and still in desperate need of practical assistance, personal connections and consistent presence.


To help this mission, DDD was hired to build a new ministry center. With a Total construction area of a 21,100 sq. ft., this project includes the comprehensive modernization of an existing two-story administration building, the construction of a two-story Kitchen and Dining Building as well as the construction of two new multi-story residential buildings.


Additionally, the building provides multiple new exterior common spaces, commonly referred to as plazas, a refurbished swimming pool and an electric generator which provides full backup power to the entire facility in case of an emergency. Site sustainability measures incorporated include energy efficient light fixtures and equipment, water efficient plumbing fixtures, cool roofs, installation of low-energy glazing, permeable surfaces, recycled content materials and resources, indoor environmental quality strategies as well as provisions for future solar panels.

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