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Understanding Virtual Design-Construction: A Primer for Owners and Clients in Puerto Rico

Summary: VDC is a combination of new technologies (BIM) with an adequate work and management scheme (PPM), supporting people working together on the project, in an integrated and simultaneous way (ICE). The scheme is focused on achieving the project’s objectives, which should help the client to achieve their goals while collecting data and tracking workflow progress. Read below to learn more.


The changing pace of design and technology within the construction industry in Puerto Rico has inevitably led to a certain amount of confusion along the way in the last decade. As new methods, processes, and software arrive, it’s important to align with firms who can use these tools efficiently (and with the ability to effectively communicate what and how they’re developing your project). For those who are unfamiliar with construction technology developments, here’s a good primer on Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).

DDD applies VDC services to our projects by using digital tools to create virtual models of the structure – and our expertise can be afforded at any stage of the building’s lifecycle. These digital models are then evaluated before ground is even broken, allowing project teams to optimize the way a building is constructed. This advanced technology provides opportunities to greatly improve the construction process throughout the project’s lifespan.

The VDC acronym was first formulated in 2001, while BIM was actually still in its infancy. Over the years the method has been tested and improved with every new project. Nowadays, most major construction companies globally employ certified experts in their teams, who gradually introduce VDC elements into their daily work as experts.

A literal interpretation of the acronym may, therefore, look as follows: creating a digital twin in the design and construction process. The method can be considered as an aid in the correct use of the created digital model. At DDD, we have reframed the definition of VDC to also focus on our people, working together on multidisciplinary projects and in different teams. Modern technology to coordinate organizing meetings helps to work in an integrated and simultaneous way.

Meanwhile, we have invested in technologies that efficiently allow us to create digital twins of the structure to effectively visualize the product delivered to the customer at the end. Still, even the best employees and the latest methods won’t bring the desired result if the work isn’t done in the right scheme and process. That’s why our advanced modeling capabilities also allow us to factor in space, time, and budget considerations.

After several years, the positive effects of the introduced method are visible and can be particularly used in projects in Puerto Rico, where adaptability has recently proven to be more important than ever. Firstly, VDC significantly reduces the risks related to design and multidisciplinary coordination. The new way of organizing interdisciplinary meetings has reduced their duration and time spent in the decision-making process. Moreover, problem-solving is faster, the number of misunderstandings is reduced and the quality of the results improved.


What’strending / next in VDC? Watch this space for new content addressing the exciting changes taking place in Construction Technology (#ContTech) and the innovative ways DDD is applying these innovations to projects of all sizes in Puerto Rico.