DDD Group’s Commitment to Rebuilding Puerto Rico’s Transportation Lifelines

The backbone of any thriving community is closely associated with having and maintaining a robust infrastructure. The devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria left deep scars on Puerto Rico’s landscape, severing vital connections between cities and communities. DDD Group’s ongoing project to repair several federal highways as part of the DDD-DVG Joint Venture LLC is driven by the need to restore transportation lifelines that connect people, resources, and opportunities across our island home.

The scope of this critical project includes repairing damage on PR-14 (Km 54.3-54.4), PR-722 (Km 5.7), PR-796 (Km 4.4), PR-179 (Km 13.25), and PR-181 (Kms 8.7 and 46.4), spanning the municipalities of Aibonito, Caguas, Guayama, Gurabo, and Patillas. Our work encompasses a range of tasks, from embankment reconstruction and the construction of reinforced soil slope systems to the installation of advanced drainage systems and various types of retaining walls. Each of these elements is crucial in ensuring these highways’ long-term stability and safety.

In addition to structural enhancements, our project includes milling and overlay to restore smooth driving surfaces, comprehensive pavement reconstruction, and the application of new pavement markings. We are also updating guardrails and signage to meet modern safety standards. Temporary traffic control measures are in place to manage traffic flow safely during construction, ensuring minimal disruption to daily commutes and transport activities.

This extensive work is vital for the immediate restoration of city connections and the long-term resilience of our infrastructure. As we prepare for what is forecast to be an extremely active and powerful hurricane season, creating safe and reliable roads is more important than ever. Puerto Rico faces not only hurricanes but also heavy rains and the threat of earthquakes, making strong infrastructure essential for safety and mobility.

The devastation wrought by natural disasters can never match our determination to use our skills for the benefit of our island. Our attention to detail, comprehensive understanding of the local environment and terrain, and commitment to quality make DDD Group the ideal partner for these reconstruction efforts.

At DDD Group, our mission goes beyond construction. We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our fellow islanders by providing safe, efficient, and sustainable infrastructure. As we work tirelessly on these highway repairs, we are reminded daily of the importance of our work and its positive impact on our beautiful Caribbean home. Our responsibility toward our community extends to all our clients and partners. Find out more about our design-build, construction, and small construction services here.