Project Update: Site Work Well Underway for the USCG

DDD Group is happy to share updates on its joint venture project with 4 Contractors JV (4CJV), which involves remodeling and restructuring various United States Coast Guard (USCG) Base San Juan areas. 

As a crucial outpost of the USCG, the USCG Base San Juan plays a pivotal role in saving lives and deterring complex threats in the Caribbean. Our joint venture project with 4 Contractors JV is set to significantly enhance the base’s resilience and capacity to withstand future challenges. Since the commencement of the project, we have made substantial progress with the general site work, including the demolition of older structures to pave the way for more functional and modern buildings that cater to the base’s operational needs. 

These completed tasks include land improvement work, underground work, and footings up to the slab-on-grade floor slab. The 4CJV team has also begun erecting certain precast elements of the new structures that will be built on the base. Several measures have been taken to ensure proper land use and compatibility because of the base’s unique location within the historical and culturally important Old San Juan.  

These milestones are a genuine cause for celebration, considering they have been completed despite some unique challenges. For example, The base continued its regular operation, which for a contractor means that the entry logistics for equipment, materials, personnel, etc., can be complicated, notwithstanding the high level of security these military complexes require. Simultaneously with the new construction, temporary facilities had to be provided to mobilize the personnel affected by the demolitions. The proximity to a body of water, the San Juan Bay, adds another point of constant safety and environmental surveillance. 

Despite these apparent challenges, DDD Group and its colleagues have insightfully navigated the construction journey as part of 4CJV and maintained a solid schedule that will permit them to deliver on their 2028 deadline. We are very thankful for our teams’ hard work, industriousness, and excellent collaboration with the USCG and their liaisons. Stay alert to more updates on this landmark project. 

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