Camp Santiago Receives a Special Visitor

As part of the joint venture 4CJV, DDD Group had the privilege of joining their colleagues for a special visit by an important military figure to the ongoing Camp Santiago project in Salinas. 

Major General Kimberly M. Colloton, the U.S. Army deputy chief for the Corps of Engineers, visited the site to witness the significant progress and success of the ongoing operations as part of her overall inspection of the work accomplished in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. 

It was a moment of great pride and excitement for the DDD Group team to meet Major Colloton, the first woman to hold the post of deputy chief of engineers and deputy commanding general. As a firm comprised of other talented professional women, the opportunity to glean some knowledge and expertise from such an outstanding professional was truly rewarding. 

This historic construction venture includes demolishing 40 non-functional structures, overhauling the electrical system, improving the water management system, and expanding parking areas. Additionally, the reconstruction plan involves building twenty-nine new structures to accommodate housing and administrative requirements. Our hardworking team has kept an exciting pace, and Maj. Colloton, along with her staff, TF VIPR personnel, and other VIPs, were able to witness firsthand how meticulously we have worked to ensure we keep to the construction timeline for this invaluable military space. 

Federal construction projects present some of the industry’s most diverse and captivating challenges. From buildings to roads and military installations, each project demands meticulous attention to detail. For DDD Group and its partners, we take our responsibility for these federal endeavors seriously. Beyond their sheer magnitude, what sets these projects apart is their complexity. Meeting stringent standards and regulations requires constant problem-solving, teamwork, and collaboration. Yet, it’s precisely these challenges that make the work incredibly rewarding. 

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