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How Technology is Helping to Beat COVID-19 in Construction Projects in Puerto Rico

Back in May 2020, with the activation of the island’s construction industry and the 26,000 jobs it represents, businesses and families all over Puerto Rico demonstrated once more the resilience and optimism that our workforce brings to the field. Various community leaders, while acknowledging the efforts of Gov. Wanda Vázquez’s administration to protect the people of Puerto Rico from the threat COVID-19, vocally stated that to keep our economy moving, job sites had to remain open. Thus, it was time to reinvent our practice, and the use of new technology once again shined. 


Flexing our Muscles in Modeling Technology

Since sourcing, sampling and other fun things about design and construction have been radically shifted, new opportunities have surfaced to explore deeper and more creative ways to expand on our 3D, 4D, and 5D modeling techniques. With resourcefulness and a strategic viewpoint, we have been able to – regardless of changing circumstances – continue to provide a holistic approach to our design and building methods, factoring in time, resources, scalability, and sustainability in new ways. DDD continues to set new standards in modeling technologies as they pertain to our clients’ experience. 

New Protocols for Safer Job Sites After COVID-19

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction industry already had to comply with strict safety and cleaning requirements in projects. Now, in light of our new reality, firms across the globe are on a steep learning curve and adopting new state and federal guidelines to minimize the risks posed by COVID-19 and increase the frequency of other existing procedures. These protocols have been successful thanks to constant communication and collaboration with the Puerto Rico Labor Department PR/OSHA and our health and occupational health committee. Locally, organizations such as AGCPR provide members and industry colleagues information on how to protect their construction crews and staff. DDD has been at the forefront of these protocols, by leveraging remote working, on-site technology for staff monitoring, and other strategic measures.

Tools that increase efficiency and build corporate culture

Since COVID-19 has changed everything we’re used to in terms of lead-time, in-person meetings, and even in-person collaboration, the DDD team has stayed strong and connected through technologies we’ve used well before the pandemic. The result has been a smooth transition into the new reality and seamless experiences for our clients and partners. Through remote work, we’ve done our part in helping slow the spread of the pandemic. Moreover, we have even seen efficiencies increase, as our colleagues and other collaborating organizations have embraced our procedures. Meanwhile, virtual meetings have cut our commute time, and even with a more casual atmosphere, the same rigorous work ethic has been applied to keep our customers at ease and satisfied with our performance. Firms across the globe have seen that when embracing these communications technologies, the many practical benefits are evident throughout unexpected aspects of their operations. In anticipation of resuming construction projects, organizations like the AGCPR launched a program to orient members and industry colleagues regarding the health and safety guidelines issued by local and federal government agencies — including OSHA and the CDC, among others — to protect the health of construction workers and professionals, and their families. Efficient tools were used to communicate with company leaders, as well as their employees and families, to help stop the spread. Social channels, digital marketing, and other online initiatives helped spread awareness and not the virus.


At DDD Group, we firmly believe that it’s vital that we embrace the opportunity to modernize Puerto Rico’s infrastructure after the hurricanes of 2017 and the earthquakes of 2020, and that technology is one of our best tools to face the challenge. Further, the immediate investment of the federal funds assigned to Puerto Rico – ensuring proper, transparent and strategic use – will minimize the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, while the best way to allocate these resources is arguably the fascinating and evolving alternatives in #contech.