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Cupey, Puerto Rico


Cupey, Puerto Rico

Project Type

Proposal/ Remodeling



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Architecture/Engineering Services

Project Overview

  • Remodeling an existing warehouse to a new office space.

  • Improvements were proposed to the site, building’s exterior, building’s interior, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems as well as to the fire protection system.

  • Energy conservation measures were implemented in the design.

  • Our 3D modeling and rendering resources allowed us to communicate ideas effectively.

he Proposed design includes improvements to the following: site, building’s exterior, building’s interior, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems as well as to the fire protection system. Additionally, energy conservation measures have been implemented in the design.


The existing site conditions were favorable for proper water drainage. The site’s existing pronounced slope should accommodate proper drainage and no water accumulation in the parking lot. The pavement in the parking area as well as the building’s surroundings appears to be in good condition. However, in order to provide access to the Parking Garage, regrading of approximately 1,000 square meters is needed. A new guardhouse with two entrance lanes and one exit lane are among the new entrance improvements. An area of 2,000 SM will be paved as part of the new entrance. This new paved area’s section shall be composed of: 2 “bituminous pavement type S-1, 4” bituminous pavement Type B-1, 6 “aggregate base course and the subgrade shall be compacted to 95% proctor modified. A 1” S-1 coat of asphalt is considered to resurface the entire parking area and all new parking lines distribution. A new distribution of spaces will be made with which 200 parking spaces are estimated. As part of the parking lot improvements, 3 new gates and a new fence of approximately 130M long will be installed.


The proposed architectural design locates the building’s entrance on the north-west corner of the main façade along road PR176. This double glass door storefront entrance accommodates a reception area filled with natural light. Designed as a double-height space, the call center has been located in the middle of the building as support spaces and workstations surround it. Noise reduction and sound absorption will be achieved as acoustic “canopies” or “cloud” are suspended from the exposed concrete ceiling above the call center in conjunction with carpet flooring, evoking an industrial feel. The In-space has been located in the mezzanine, overlooking the call center. A work café accommodating seating for 600 has been located towards the rear portion of the building. Transforming the existing loading area into an outdoor seating terrace will provide additional seating space for to the work cafe. New vertical transportation elements such as emergency stairs and an elevator have been included for code compliance. A “conference center” composed of conference rooms and most training rooms has been located on the second floor for more privacy and better function. Glass walls enable theses spaces to overlook the double-height space.


The building’s energy performance and thermal comfort will be achieved by means of a roof’s R-value of R-19, LED light fixtures, light controls, a VRF air conditioning system and Low-e glass windows, among others. The indoor environment temperature will be controlled to 75 degrees Farenheight and a 50% Relative Humidity, as established by codes. A new sprinkler system with a 45,000-gallon capacity cistern will be installed as required by code.


Sustainable water consumption measures will be achieved through the use of high-efficiency toilets and urinals as well as sensor-operated faucets. A rough-in connection to the existing rainwater cistern will be installed for future connection by the owner. Additionally an 18,000 gallon potable water cistern will provide water consumption for one day.


The building’s power distribution system will consist of a Main Distribution Panel (MDP) operating at 408/277 volts. This MDP will distribute electricity safely and efficiently to the various electrical rooms throughout the building. Each electrical room will have a step-down transformer to drop the power from 480/277 volts to 120 volts for convenience outlets.


The fire Alarm System will consist of a main control panel, pull stations, and all required devices to comply with applicable codes and regulations.


Including BIM 3D modeling at the very beginning of the design process (in this case a schematic design for a proposal) becomes a design tool that helps us to address issues much faster than when studied by means of a traditional hand drawn and/or 20 drawing. This level of detail helps the process of designing become more accurate, saves time and minimizes errors. Additionally, it strengthens the communication and presentation of design ideas in a more efficient way. It’s a win-win situation.

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