DDD’s Best Investment: The Future

It’s no secret that Learning and Development (L&D) programs play a pivotal role in fostering the advancement of the construction industry and contribute significantly to community evolution. These programs are instrumental in equipping professionals with cutting-edge skills, enhancing productivity, and ensuring the industry remains at the forefront of technological and regulatory advancements. Moreover, L&D initiatives are not just corporate strategies but are imperative for social progress.

In today’s evolving world, investing in the potential of our youth is crucial for the future of any industry. At DDD Group, we understand the importance of nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth in the construction field. One such initiative is our DDD Scholarship program, which exemplifies our commitment to supporting our employees’ personal and professional development.

To emphasize the societal responsibility of companies in Puerto Rico, Umberto Donato, President of DDD Group, states, “Puerto Rico needs companies with vision to step up and train a new generation of trade skill workers.” Donato highlights the dual purpose of such initiatives – not merely as retention or HR strategies but as a response to social responsibility. Training the workforce not only fortifies the construction sector but also uplifts communities, creating a skilled and empowered workforce for sustained advancement as a community.

As Puerto Rico’s construction industry experiences rapid changes, cultivating the interest of aspiring professionals in this field is essential for the island’s future success. That’s why, when we identify outstanding individuals like Kelvin Roque who show genuine passion and potential, we’re proud to support them.



Jose ‘Uti’ Roque, a dedicated laborer with nearly a decade of service at DDD, approached our leadership team with a heartfelt request—to provide an opportunity for his son Kelvin to pursue a career in construction with our firm. Starting as a safety officer, Kelvin’s eagerness to learn quickly propelled him to take on more organizational responsibilities.

But Kelvin’s aspirations didn’t stop there. Recognizing his potential, both personally and professionally, DDD offered him a scholarship to pursue a career in architecture while continuing to work with us. Kelvin’s dedication to his work and family, coupled with his thirst for knowledge, make him a valued team player and an inspiration to us all. His success story is a testament to the opportunities and growth the DDD Scholarship program can provide.



Vice President of Operations Roger Ambroise shares, “Kelvin is a curious, enthusiastic young man, always eager to learn. His passion for technology aligns perfectly with DDD’s vision of incorporating cutting-edge technology into our construction practices. His dedication and sense of responsibility set a remarkable example for young people his age.”

Investing in education programs such as these benefits individual employees and enhances our workforce’s overall skill set and capabilities. By supporting employees in pursuing their educational aspirations, we’re equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles and contribute to the success of the professional, the firm, and our clients.

We’re thrilled to see Kelvin complete his studies next year and continue his journey in the construction industry alongside our tight-knit team. By investing in youth like Kelvin, we’re helping guide persons to achieve rewarding futures and encouraging sharing knowledge with others. At DDD Group, we’re committed to providing opportunities for growth to our most valued asset, our team.